LED Daylight Twinbeam™

For dentists looking for extra illumination and an uninterrupted view of the treatment site, we have the LED Daylight Twinbeam™ from Designs for Vision offers a higher intensity, optically collimated beam, emitting up to 148,000 lux (0 – 18,000 footcandles) of  Xenon intensity bright white light at the perfect daylight temperature (5800° K).

Weighing just 7oz, the LED Daylight Twinbeam™ offers lightweight, ergonomic illumination and is designed to be as portable and energy efficient as possible. Untethered and battery-operated, the LED Daylight Twinbeam™ is sturdily fitted onto an adjustable headband carrier.

Each headlight comes with two rechargeable lithium ion batteries offering uninterrupted, energy efficient operational power for up to 9 hours. Because only one battery is required at any one time, the spare can be put on charge, thus minimising down time. The power cord to the battery pack has also been coated with a patented Blue Cable™ Shield for added protection from electromagnetic currents and contains a Tellurium Copper Alloy Heat Sink to provide cooler, longer lasting illumination for optimum comfort.

As well as being untethered and energy efficient, the LED Daylight Twinbeam™ does not require replacement bulbs or fiber optic cables, which translates to lower running costs and a reduction in the likelihood of down time.

The LED Daylight Twinbeam™ also comes with a lifetime guarantee, reflecting the manufacturer’s confidence in the durability and superiority of its products.


Key features:

  • Optically collimated for even brighter light.
  • Patented design provides an adjustable 0 – 17,000 footcandles of Bright WHITE (5800° K) light.
  • Untethered illumination providing you with full mobility from operatory to operatory. No light source, no bulbs or fiber optic cables to replace.
  • Two lithium ion rechargeable battery packs: Charge one or link both together for longer procedures. Each battery pack lasts 4.5 hrs at maximum intensity – 9 hours linked together.
  • Blue Cable™ Shielded for your protection from electromagnetic current and contains a Tellurium Copper Alloy Heat Sink to provide a cooler, longer lasting LED.