Freedom of Mobility

  • Untethered, lightweight and portable
  • Allows the dentist to easily move all around the operatory
  • Lighter weight and more comfortable than fiber optic headsets
  • Two battery packs – charge one while using the other, for 12 hours continuous use

Patented Optical Design

  • Maximum light intensity
  • Adjustable to the light intensity you require
  • Adds contrast for better overall visibility
  • Enhances detail and increases depth of field
  • LEDs do NOT degrade – will provide illumination for thousands of hours!
  • Orange filter – will not cure composites

Blue Cable™

  • Provides protection from electromagnetic current
  • Tellurium copper alloy heat sink to provide a cooler, longer lasting LED

Cost Effective Technology

  • LESS expensive than traditional fiber optic and xenon headlights
  • Requires LESS energy and costs LESS to operate — NO light sources to maintain, NO cables or bulbs to replace