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Dental Support Stools

As any physiotherapist or osteopath will tell you, sitting in the incorrect position for prolonged periods of time can result in back-ache and/or neck pain. In professions such as dentistry, which require a great deal of sitting and bending over patients, it is particularly important that correct posture is encouraged and that full support is provided to the spine to prevent fatigue and pain which can ultimately reduce mobility and impair concentration.

The best way to prevent this is to use a dental chair that not only encourages the maintenance of the spine’s natural S-shape but also tilts the pelvis correctly to position the lower back so as to prevent fatigue and muscular spasms. Two design elements are needed for a stool or chair to achieve this:

  • firstly, a bowl- shaped seat that tilts the pelvis, thus keeping the lumbar region correctly positioned and reducing stress on the lumbar discs;
  • and secondly, by using a stool that provides upper back support and encourages straight shoulder alignment and an open chest, even when moving backwards and forwards.

However, everyone’s body is slightly unique in terms of its requirements. For example, some people have exceptionally curved lower backs which may require additional lumbar support, whilst taller people, who are generally at greater risk of developing back problems*, may need a chair of lengthened proportions to facilitate smooth-flowing body mechanics.

The only way to achieve this is to acquire a dental stool that has been custom-designed to cater to your specific physiological proportions, working environment and occupational needs. A well-designed and ergonomically optimal dental stool will not only help you to maintain correct posture but also reduce the amount of effort required to maintain that posture, thus minimising strain on the back and neck. It should also help to keep the chest open and not restrict circulation to any part of the body**.

As expert suppliers in the field of dental ergonomics, Lemonchase has a number of excellent seating solutions to help dentists and dental surgeons work optimally and comfortably at all times. Exclusive suppliers of the Swedish Support Stool and the Perfect Saddle, both especially developed with health practitioners in mind, Lemonchase can help you to achieve the Holy Grail of dental practice: a pain-free back!

Lemonchase can supply stool and chair covers in a wide range of colours and a choice of either leather or vinyl fabrics, so let us know if you have any specific requirements and we’ll see what can be done to meet your unique design requirements.

*Kuh, Coggan et al., ‘Height, occupation and back pain in a national prospective study.’ Rheumatology (1993) 32 (10):911-916
**Tarek, Abdel-Moty, Rosomoff et al, Ergonomics in Back Pain: A Guide to Prevention and Rehabilitation, (1993), p. 61