Designs for Vision Surgical Headlights

Bearing in mind the importance of good lighting when choosing surgical loupes for endodontic procedures, one should always consider engaging the services of a company with considerable expertise in this specialist area. Designs for Vision is a US-based company with over seven decades of experience in the field of high tech optics. Their range of surgical headlights are therefore the obvious choice for dental surgeons and practitioners when it comes to loupe and telescope illumination.

When it comes to complex and intricate procedures such as root canal work or the repair of hairline dental fractures, good line of sight is of the utmost importance and, to this end, Lemonchase recommends the Daylight LED™ and Twinbeam LED™ surgical headlights from Designs for Vision.


Daylight LED™

The Daylight LED™ is an impressively lightweight, portable and extremely bright Daylite 108,000 lux LED surgical headlamp that can help practitioners make ‘light’ work of lengthy endodontic procedures. With two re-chargeable Lithium Ion ‘all day’ batteries that can provide up to 12 hours of continuous use, as well as a lifetime guarantee, the Daylight LED™ is a product renowned for its reliability. In addition to this, a choice of clip on and head band design options and an optional swing-in orange filter to prevent premature curing, means that the Daylight LED™ surgical headlamp is a functional and portable tool to aid in the execution of high standard endodontics and dental surgery.


Twinbeam LED™

The Twinbeam LED™ is a compact, lightweight 7oz 138,000 lux dual beam LED surgical headlamp with two energy-efficient rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery packs designed to produce up to nine hours of continuous use. Optically collimated for even brighter light across a wider area of the treatment site, and featuring a 5,800 Kelvin colour correlated temperature, the Twinbeam LED™ is ideal for more complicated procedures, including endodontic and periodontal dentistry, offering sufficient illumination for precision and accuracy from start to finish.

Fitted onto a sturdy headband, it is also features

  • Both products come with a lifetime guarantee, reflecting Design for Vision’s confidence in the excellence and durability of its products. Along with a Tellurium Copper Alloy Heat Sink, the wires of both headlamp models have been coated with a Blue Cable™ Shield for added protection from electromagnetic currents and reduced heat emissions.
  • As well as requiring less energy to run, there are no bulbs or fiber optic cables to replace with either Designs for Vision surgical headlamp, resulting in easy maintenance, reduced operational costs and true portability.

For quality products that facilitate a smooth and successful treatment outcome and promote improved ergonomics, contact Lemonchase, suppliers of Designs for Vision surgical headlights.