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Lemonchase is the UK’s leading supplier of surgical loupes & dental loupes, from the original and best manufacturer; ‘Designs for Vision.’

Lemonchase also specialise in Surgical Lighting, Dental Lighting, dental chairs and saddle stools and is proud to be the UK’s exclusive distributor of World-leading brands such as Designs for Vision, Leica, Semorr, Norton, D-Tec, Zenium and Support Design.

Lemonchase offers a one-stop shop for Surgeons needing Magnifying Surgical Loupes and personal surgical lights and for Dentists interested in Dental Loupes uk, Dental Lighting and Dental Microscopes.

Specialist Eye Protection PPE

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If you’re looking to buy reliable, specialist PPE with prompt delivery then Lemonchase can certainly assist. Our PPE is tailored to loupes & microscope users and those looking to protect their eyes against aerosols.