D-Tec Surgery Lighting

D-TEC is a Swedish company which specialises in the production of high-quality workplace lighting for discerning customers. Their aim is to provide Dental Practices, regardless of their size, with the highest quality lighting possible. They do this with a range of products which, thanks to its great flexibility, can be tailor-made to meet your exact requirements. In their choice of materials and production processes, their aim is clear: to optimise the quality of lighting and minimise any disadvantages. This uncompromising policy has remained unchanged since the beginning of 1989.

  • Light source | LED 209-290W
  • Brightness | 4500 lux/1,2 meter
  • Colour temperature | 3 000 K RA94 alt. 6 500 K RA94 
  • Dimensions | 1 282 x 850 x 15 mm
  • Weight | 20 kg
  • Shadow and glarefree
  • Full-LED
  • Low energy consumption
  • Minimal heat radiation
  • Hygienic enclosed construction with aluminium housing
  • IP30-rated
  • Large light surface that provides great workspace
  • Suspended by wires 
  • Inclusive of IR-remote control for dimming effects but also has two programmed presets for working in different modes, such as viewing X-rays and working with composite materials
  • Dynamic Colour Panel
  • Indirect light
  • Light source | LED 128W
  • Brightness | 3 450 lux/1,2 meter 
  • 5 500 lux/1,0 meter 
  • 7 300 lux/0,8 meter 
  • Colour temperature | 3000 K CRI94 alt. 6500 K CRI94 
  • Dimensions | 1 200 x 390 x 45 mm 
  • Weight | 7 kg
  • Dimmer with dynamic light (Auto) | Optional 

Lemonchase is proud to be the sole distributor of D-Tec professional lighting systems in the UK. Established by Nick Lemon and Mark Chase, both well-known specialists within the field of magnification and lighting, Lemonchase is well placed to offer expert advice to customers.

A Swedish manufacturer that specialises in production of high quality workplace lighting for discerning dental customers, D-Tec dental lighting offers a combination of high intensity, shadow-free  illumination that matches daylight levels without any glare, stroboscopic or flickering.

D-Tec dental lights use fluorescent tubes that emit high frequency flicker free light at just the right colour temperature – around 4000-6500 Kelvin with an RA index of between 85 and 93. This creates the perfect conditions for achieving accurate colour matching during cosmetic and restorative dental proceduresbut without the high contrast or glare associated with some models due to the inclusion of a full reflex diffuser which gently illuminates the area immediately surrounding the patient which results in less eye strain. The tubes are easily replaced and do not give off any unwanted magnetic or electrical fields. They also feature an infra-red filter to ensure heat reduction.

In addition, all D-Tec dental lighting comes with easy-to-use Touch Dim remote control dimming, meaning you never have to leave your chair to make adjustments.

Dentists can choose from three different models – the Dent Hybrid, Denta/Dentaplus and Elipse systems. All three emit high lux values of between 3000 to 6000 lux – higher than the light strength in many dental practices and as close to that of sunlight as possible without any associated glare.

All parts are also designed to facilitate easy maintenance, are energy efficient and have a long life span, providing excellent value for money. D-Tec lights have smooth upper surfaces that are easy to clean, helping to maintain good infection control levels.



One of D-Tec’s best-selling and most affordable dental lighting products, the Denta surgical lighting system provides dental practitioners with maximum illumination of around 4000 lux, guarantee *Terms and Conditions Applying perfect colour reproduction whilst also being energy efficient, environmentally friendly and easy to maintain.

Also available, is the Dentaplus optional upgrade, which produces up to 5800 lux of illumination and is also dimmable by remote control to as low as 280 lux.

  • Size: 1,355 x 700 x 55 mm.
  • Weight: 11 kg
  • Optional dimmer switch and indirect light (Dentaplus).



For additional flexibility and elegant, glare and shadow-free functionality, the D-Tec Elipse offers a compact and clever solution. Light is emitted from three long thin u-shaped fluorescent lamps, allowing diffuse but bright illumination of up to 3000 lux which reduces glare and removes shadows, creating an unobstructed view of the treatment site without causing headaches or visual discomfort for you or your patients.

As well as meeting the most rigorous standards and functional requirements of any dental or surgical environment, the Elipse is elegantly designed to fit into any modern dental consulting room whilst allowing space for additional suspended fixtures such as an LCD screen or operation lamp.

remote-controlled dimmer switch also facilitates smooth transitions and efficient workflow.

  • Size: 1,675 x 1,345 x 80 mm
  • Weight: 29 kg
  • Optional LCD screen.


Denta Hybrid Dental Light

Dental practitioners looking to create an environment in which there is maximum illumination for procedures, but one in which patients also feel relaxed will like the Denta Hybrid.

high-powered pioneering dental lighting system that combines both fluorescent and LED lighting to produce around 4000 lux of illumination, the Denta Hybrid facilitates perfect colour matching and a clear view of the treatment site whilst also promoting a stress free environment in which patients feel safe and at ease, thus ensuring smooth, straight-forward procedures.

Studies have shown that LED lighting is both energy efficient and can have a calming effect*, helping to keep nervous patients calm and enabling practitioners to concentrate properly. This results in efficient workflow and means that patients receive an excellent level of care. Taking this into account, D-Tec has created a central core of LED light at the centre of their Denta Hybrid system. This operating lamp can be adjusted and pre-programmed to produce over 250 different colour temperatures and intensities, depending on your needs and the mood that you are trying to create for the patient. In fact, the Denta Hybrid can mimic the light changes that occur over the course of a day, from dawn to dusk, helping to promote good biorhythms, especially during the winter months.

Around the LED core is a wide band of fluorescent lighting which works to reduce the contrast between that of the LED operating lamp and the lighting conditions surrounding it, thus reducing contrast and glare. A remote control dimmer switch and indirect/upward lighting further enhance comfort and reduce eye strain.

Easy to maintain and energy efficient, the Denta Hybrid will help to take your dental practice to the next level.

  • Size: 1,561 x 780 x 56 mm
  • Weight: 22 kg
  • Optional LCD screen

* Yamagishi et al., Effects of led lighting characteristics on Visual performance of elderly people at: http://www.gerontechnology.info/Journal/Proceedings/ISG08/papers/078.pdf (accessed March 2012); Baron, R. A., Rea, M. S., & Daniels, S. G.  (1992).  ‘Effects of indoor lighting (illuminance and spectral distribution) on the performance of cognitive tasks and interpersonal behaviors:  The potential mediating role of positive affect.’  Motivation and Emotion, 16, 1-33

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