"Light Up" the oral cavity like never before

with hands-free Fluorescence in Dentistry

Designs for Vision’s ground breaking REVEALTM utilizes a fluorescence activating headlight with specially filtered loupes to provide hands-free Fluorescence Enhanced TheragnosisTM (FETTM).

Combining diagnosis and fluorescence enhanced therapy, REVEAL provides the visual information to support decision making and facilitate proper treatment options. Contact us for a demo to see REVEAL at work in:

    • Identify enamel demineralization and
      bacterial contamination
    • Distinguish between infected and affected dentin
    • Detect supra- and subgingival infected calculus
    • Identify accumulation of perio-active bacteria
    • Actively visualize and differentiate tooth structure
      and presence of dental restoration
  • American Dental Association Billing Code D0600
    “Non-ionizing diagnostic procedure capable of
    quantifying, monitoring, and recording changes in
    structure of enamel, dentin and cementum”

Utilizing endogenous fluorescence of teeth and certain bacteria, REVEAL identifies enamel demineralization and bacterial contamination, as well as allowing for differentiation between infected and affected dentin. REVEAL allows for guided caries removal, preserving more tooth structure and avoiding post-operative complications.

REVEAL illuminates during prophylaxis supporting detection of supra and subgingival infected calculus. Reveal identifies the accumulation of perio-active bacteria, allowing for the identification and early treatment.  Reveal also easily distinguishes between tooth structure and dental restorations.

The REVEAL headlight produces wavelengths of light that stimulate structures, these excited structures emit light in a longer wavelength.  This is known as the Stokes shift.  The REVEAL Loupes utilize special filters that both enhance the emitted fluoresced light and protect the clinician from any damaging wavelengths.

REVEALTM – Fluorescence Enhanced TheragnosisTM (FETTM)

Empowers Objective Valuation Ability
by overcoming limitations in visual, tactile and radiological caries diagnosis

Influences Treatment Selection
by enabling clearer identification of resin degradation, bacterial contamination, and differentiation of infected versus affected tissue

Empowers Minimal Intervention Dentistry
with targeted treatement delivery and management of caries lesions

Treatment Guidance
for the entire process from diagnosis to differentiation of diseased and non-diseased tissue, to identification of treatment completion

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