LED Daylite

Experience remarkably clear and sharp illumination with the Daylight LED™ single beam dental headlight, thanks to its patented design which enables it to produce around 108,000 LUX (0 – 9,500 footcandles) of  daylight intensity bright white (5800° K) light. An on-demand swing-in orange filter means that the lamp can also be used to full effect without prematurely curing composite and other light sensitive materials.

As well as being exceptionally lightweight in design, facilitating excellent ergonomics, Designs for Vision’s Daylight LED™ single lamp headlight is truly portableAvailable in clip-on or coaxial headband format, it operates using a lithium ion battery, making it energy efficient and easy to carry between consulting rooms. The power connection to the battery pack has been coated with a Blue Cable™ Shield for added protection from electromagnetic currents whilst the wires contain a Tellurium Copper Alloy Heat Sink to provide cooler, longer lasting illumination.

Each Daylight LED™ headlight comes with 2 battery packs, each consisting of a lithium ion rechargeable cell, providing a total of up to 12 hours of illumination when operated continuously at full intensity. Thanks to the inclusion of the second battery, you can enjoy seamless operation – simply charge one battery whilst using the other.

As well as requiring less energy to run, there are no bulbs or fiber optic cables to replace with the Daylight LED™, meaning lower running costs and less likelihood of down time due to maintenance issues.

Key features:

  • Your choice of ClipOn Optics to easily clip onto your telescopes or glasses or lightweight headband coaxial to your line of sight.
  • Patented design provides an ADJUSTABLE 0 – 9,500 footcandles of Bright WHITE (5800° K) light.
  • Untethered illumination providing you with full mobility from operatory to operatory. No light source, no bulbs or fiber optic cables to replace.
  • Two lithium ion rechargeable battery packs: Charge one while using the other. Each battery pack lasts 5.5 hrs at maximum intensity.
  • Blue Cable™ Shielded for your protection from electromagnetic current and contains a Tellurium Copper Alloy Heat Sink to provide a cooler, longer lasting LED.

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