Infinity VUE Loupes

Designed to provide a straight forward approach to ergonomics.

“Over many years I had spent thousands of pounds in vain on various loupes before meeting Mark Chase who provided the solution straight away. The light and loupes are first class and were carefully customised for my slightly strange operating position. The helpful service has been consistently outstanding. I am very happy to recommend the loupes, light and the follow up customer care.”

Martin Kelleher – Consultant in Restorative Dentistry

If you’re a dentist and you’re not using high quality magnification for your dental procedures, you’re missing a trick.

Not only does the magnification that dental loupes provide give you detailed and unobstructed views of the person that you’re treating, but it also helps to prevent eye, neck and back strain.


Given that fact that 61% of dentists will suffer back pain at some point in their lives, the difference that reliable and powerful dental loupes can have should not be underestimated.

Dental loupes and teleloupes allow dentists and hygienists to free up both hands during dental procedures, prevent eye and back fatigue, protect eyes and maintain infection control but the benefits don’t end there – the use of good quality loupes can also significantly improve treatment quality and accuracy.

Like anything though, not all dental loupes are created equal. Like the reading glasses you can buy in your local pharmacy, cheap, off-the-shelf dental loupes may be cheap and provide a certain amount of magnification, but they don’t offer the razor sharp and precise illumination and magnification required to stop dentists straining their eyes to see their patient.

For dentists looking for a true ergonomic magnification solution, bespoke dental loupes are what’s required. Without precise magnification, it is extremely difficult to ensure correct posture and prevent eyestrain, because you haven’t got the correct depth of field required.

At Lemonchase, we’re dedicated to providing high-quality bespoke dental loupes that help dentists to prevent back strain, eliminate eyestrain and say goodbye to the neck pain that affects so many.

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