Norton Dental Microscopes

Custom-made dental magnification manufacturers, Norton can provide your practice with dental microscopes designed to meet your personal specifications exactly.

The outstanding magnification provided by Norton dental microscopes makes general dental procedures effortless and more precise, as well as reducing the back, neck and eye problems associated with hours spent hunching over patients.

Choose from the Norton 3-Step, 5-Step and 6-Step dental microscopes, all of which offer various levels of magnification as well as wall or ceiling mounting options, depending upon your personal working requirements, for easy storage and convenient use.

Enjoy superior vision and enhanced ergonomics care of Norton dental microscopes to help keep you comfortable throughout even the lengthiest of procedures thanks to features such as a hanging counterbalanced pantographic arm, encouraging upright posture.

A superb entry level dental microscope, the Norton 3-step series provides high quality German optics that can provide 5x, 8x and 12x magnification., offering improved image sharpness and contrast. 20W dual-LED illumination comes with through the lens coaxial lighting and long life LED bulbs whilst the fibre optic illumination system means you can easily adjust brightness and avoid flares and/or glare, bringing magnification within the reach of every Dental Practice.

Fully customisable, the Norton 3-Step also offers clinicians a host of handy optional extras, including an 180 inclinable binocular viewing piece, helping you to obtain enhanced views of the treatment site without the need to strain your head or neck forward or contort your posture severely or for extended periods.

In addition, the 3-step can be fitted with a video adapter with “C” Mount and beam splitter, which is then connected to an s-video camera, with the option of output to an LCD screen for high resolution, real-time vision without the need to pore over binoculars.

Lemonchase can provide expert advice to help you decide upon the right model for your practice so that you can get the very best out of your optical equipment.

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