Perfect Saddle

A common challenge for dental professionals who carry out long procedures whilst sitting down is that the lumbar discs can become stressed because the natural curved shape of the spine is not easily maintained, especially in conventional chairs. Over time, this can lead to pain and even spinal damage.

Fortunately, designers have come to realise that sitting on ‘equestrian style’ saddle stools that force the legs apart and encourages the body to lean at a 130-degree angle actually helps to re-align the spine whilst also improving circulation to the lower limbs.

And so the Perfect Saddle was born. Perfectly suited for clinicians wishing to alleviate musculo-skeletal fatigue and prevent spinal injury, especially during long procedures, the Perfect Saddle has a fully adjustable tilt mechanism, care of a gas spring and space-saving base, and has been designed with both male and female anatomy in mind.

Each robust Support Design Perfect Saddle frame has been mounted on metal castors and can be fitted with a swing arm rest and foot ring for additional comfort and ease of use. Each stool or dental chair can be colour matched to fit in with your existing clinical furniture and comes with a three year warranty *Terms and Conditions Apply.

Choose from one of three models:

Perfect Saddle Classic

The 36-45cm curved seat base encourages a healthy posture by creating an open angle between the spine and thighs, thus helping maintaining natural spinal curves.

Perfect Saddle Advanced

Specifically developed with the male anatomy in mind, this version of the Perfect Saddle features a V-shaped cut out at the front end of the saddle seat, and grooved centre, helping to minimize uncomfortable pressure and promote good air and blood circulation.

Perfect Saddle Lite

Developed for female dental practitioners and those of a smaller stature, the Perfect Lite has a smaller seat pan which suites with a narrower hip width and leg stance, thus promoting the correct hip distance and leg angle to support the spine.

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