Swedish Support Stool

Lemonchase is pleased to offer dental practitioners the Swedish Support Stool – a classic combination of stylish, intuitive and user-friendly design developed specifically with sedentary professionals in mind. The ultimate in ergonomics, these comfortable and stylish dental chairs not only help to maintain the back’s natural S-shaped curve, but they also promote even weight distribution, taking the weight off your back wherever possible.

Both the seat and backrest are mounted on a durable, heavy duty frame, with individual gas-spring cylinders for independent control of the seat and backrest mechanisms. The deeply contoured bowl-shaped seat forces you to sit all the way back in the seat, whilst also promoting the correct pelvic tilt, thus helping the lower back to obtain support from the sculptured backrest, thereby preventing disc compaction in the lumbar spinal regions.

Furthermore, each Swedish Support Stool contains a proprietary mechanism that allows the chair to move with you, thus maintaining continuous contact with the back and ensuring on-going lumbar support without restricting movement. Simply move the control lever to the ‘Free-float’ position, and the seat and the backrest will follow you as you lean forwards and backwards during the course of your work.

The Microsurgeon model can also be fitted with a choice of single or dual adjustable armrests –essential for ergonomic dental and surgical microscope use.

A stylish addition to any dental surgery, the Swedish Support Stool comes in a number of colours and fabrics and can be customised to fit in with your practice décor and colour scheme. If you are looking for something a little bit more individual or special, Lemonchase can also customise your Swedish Support stool cover – simply tell us your requirements and we’ll do our utmost to fulfil your brief.

Confident in the quality and durability of the workmanship which goes into the making of each Swedish Support Stool, Lemonchase offers a three year warranty *Terms and Conditions Apply.

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