Zenium ZYO

ZYO provides a shadowless operating light installations using LED technology to meet new medical protocols.

The Zyo is available with an outstanding HDMI camera for the video capture and display of your procedures.


High-performance LED technology

Light control and management

The electronic card controlling the power supply for this lighting, developed by zenium, powers 6 LEDs with the appropriate current and automatically controls heat dissipation. This is the first response designed to guarantee *Terms and Conditions Apply long life and optimal yield for the sources. This electronic control card is scaling the light intensity with seven positions which give off 5 000 to 32 000 Lux.

An exclusive material developed by aeronautical research

The second response to this crucial point of using LEDs comes from research and permanent monitoring by zenium. This led to the use of a completely new polymer alloy, previously used only by leading-edge industries. It is a material with improved heat dissipation properties. Its specific capacity means that, for half the weight, it dissipates as much heat as aluminium, which is the reference material in this field. This innovation also governed the design of ZYO by increasing its compactness and lightness of weight.

Collimator patented by zenium

zenium has developed and filed under patent n° 094534 a collimator which eliminates the loss of light as it passes through the lens. The surfaces of the optical module are digitally optimised, point by point, so that the power generated by the LED source is concentrated to give a standard patch.

Lighting and video

zenium has chosen to incorporate a Full digital HD camera with zoom. It provides a high-quality display of operations via a monitor, for extremely accurate diagnosis and high quality image capture of medical procedures and recording on hard disk. This last function was the core of ZYO design for two reasons: Firstly, to review operations to refine diagnosis and to create a new practitioner/patient relationship.


The articulation of the ZYO arm is designed as an extension of the practitioner’s arm, providing the same fluidity and variety of movement. This bionic design, with its very fine, natural behaviour, means that ZYO can be used in three dimensions with maximum displacement.

Ergonomics for hygiene

The entire design of ZYO is based on the question of LED technology and basic needs for apsesis and ease of use, which are essential in the medical field. All operations for starting and varying light intensity are performed via a sensor with no physical contact with the device, but via an infrared control.

Control takes place via a visual and sound signal indicating graduation over the seven levels of intensity provided by ZYO. The only part to be grasped is removable and can be sterilized in an autoclave. The camera which forms the centre of the ZYO unit, both visually and conceptually, is also remotely controlled. Images of procedures can be stored, archived and used by the practitioner.

Environmental approach

Compared with other light sources, the LED revolution relative to environmental issues is clear. Reduced energy consumption — divided by ten — for greater yield which is constantly improving. Longer life — five to ten times longer — reducing source replacement, so reducing waste and maintenance costs.

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