NEW LED DayLite® UltraMini HDi

NEW High Definition Imaging Technology – HDi

Patent pending advanced photonic design provides a uniform field of light distribution with fibre-optic quality light. 

45% More Light with HDi’s optically focused LED

Lightweight and Modular

Weighing in at a half an ounce, the LED DayLite Ultra Mini is the lightest surgical headlight. Convenient T-mount easily clips onto your telescopes, glasses or lightweight headband.

Fits under most Face Shields

Adjustable Light Intensity

– Neutral WHITE (5800° K) light.

Two HDi Universal Power Packs

with ONE TOUCH operation, ROBUST USB connections, FUEL GAUGE, User replaceable LI-ION BATTERY, and SMART-LINK capability to extend battery life.

Fully Approved to International Standards

60601 Edition 3.1 and EMC 4th edition


0.5 oz / 14.2 grams

Light Output

55,000 lux of HDi illumination at 12 inches

Spot Size

76 mm @ 12 inches

Run Time

High Intensity: 10 hours Medium Intensity: 17 hours

Color Temperature

5800° K

Panoramic Spot available to cover panoramic loupes field of view, providing 40,000 lux output

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