Infinity VUE Loupes

Designed to provide a straight forward approach to ergonomics.

Reveal FGS

Designs for Vision introduces REVEALTM FGS, the first WEARABLE Fluorescence Guided Surgery system

“You kindly sold me a pair of Loupes in November which are fantastic and I have recommended them to my colleagues!

Emily Gosse, Ophthalmology Registrar, Royal Bournemouth Hospital

Surgical Loupes

True Magnification

The purpose of Surgical Telescopes is to enhance or magnify an image to ensure the highest quality results in surgical procedures. We take our responsibility to surgeons and their patients seriously so all of our Surgical Telescopes provide the TRUE magnification that is expected.

Exclusive Telescope Design with Precision Coated Optics

for the best possible vision through the lens and easy peripheral vision around the telescope, allowing you to switch from magnified to unmagnified viewing of the field without needing a third hand to remove or manipulate the telescopes.

Custom Manufactured to Your Unique Measurements

including YOUR prescription, angle of declination and working distance, providing you with the best visual and ergonomic system available.

Custom calibrated surgical loupes are the only way to truly enhance visibility and eliminate back, neck and eye strain, helping dental surgeons to perform to the very best of their ability. As the Exclusive UK distributors of the world’s first and most well-known brand of customised surgical loupes and telescopesDesigns for Vision, Lemonchase can provide surgeons with specialist care and advice, along with friendly, personalised service.

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