Surgical Microscopes

Modern surgery relies on skilled practitioners using state-of-the-art technology to administer treatments that are more effective and detailed than what was possible previously. One of the leading forms of technology that has led to great advances in surgery is the surgical microscope. This has allowed surgeons to work with more precision and accuracy than ever before. High specification magnification has made it easier to provide patients with a better overall standard of care.

However, not only do microscopes facilitate more effective treatment, but they can also improve the day to day working environment of the surgeon through ergonomic design. Many surgical microscopes have been designed to reduce back and neck strain, allowing the clinician to work for longer without breaks and eliminating the need to constantly shift position during procedures. Superior optics also helps to reduce the eye strain that plagues many practitioners whilst also simplifying complicated procedures and facilitating smoother workflow.

What’s more, many models of surgical microscopes can be floor or wall-mounted and fold way for easy storage in even the most in compact of surgical spaces.

High specification surgical microscopes that incorporate stills and video cameras have also revolutionised patient and practitioner education. Not only do they allow the sharing of detailed case studies and clinical knowledge amongst practitioners, but they also provide ample visual evidence for patients of their oral conditions, thus contributing to better, more informed levels of consent.

Given the level of investment involved in purchasing a microscope, however, it is important to opt for a reliable supplier of good quality, high specification magnification brands who can offer expert advice, a personalised service as well as a good standard of aftercare. Look out for a choice of illumination, multiple steps and inclined binoculars, as well as a good product warranty *Terms and Conditions Apply to ensure a quality product.

A specialist company offering dental surgeons expert advice and the finest brands in magnification and illumination, Lemonchase is proud to be the UK’s exclusive distributor of two leading brands of microscope: Norton and Labomed. Why not contact us to discuss your surgical requirements so that we can come up with a magnification specification that is right for you

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