Our Reviews

“I have 2 pairs of custom-made loupes from Lemonchase – and find them to be very comfortable and lightweight, with an excellent field of view. The LED light is bright & reliable and allows me to work untethered for the entire day. I can thoroughly recommend their products and outstanding customer service!”

Dana Vosooghi – Canterbury

“The professional service from Lemonchase has been outstanding, with excellent advice and guidance when choosing the correct frames and magnification. This has continued after receiving the loupes.

The dental loupes have made a significant difference to daily work.
From someone who found safety glasses awkward to wear, I have had no problem getting use to wearing these all the time, from check ups to root treatments. My working posture has improved significantly and working with magnification makes everything feel easier.

I thoroughly enjoy wearing the loupes and have recently bought a nano lite which provides fantastic illumination.
The ease of working with loupes plus lite has had a massive impact on my day. The light improves the clarity and vision by another 50% at least. Clinically it is so much easier to diagnose caries, prepare crowns and find root canals.

I could never return to being loupe/lite free, I can honestly say this has been one of the most beneficial investments I have made.”

Penny Allen – Rawdon Dental, Leeds.

“The Loupes I purchased a few months ago are absolutely fantastic and I can’t see how I managed to operate without them.”

Rahul Velineni

“I’ve been meaning to email to say how impressed I’ve been with the build quality of the loupes I bought from you last year. Been a busy few months and it just got to the top of my “to do” list.
I should have gone for Lemonchase years ago rather than other brands.
I think it’s difficult to appreciate the quality until you’ve had a premium set! Definitely a case of ” buy sh@@e. buy twice!”

Matthew Collins, Yorks

“Over many years I had spent thousands of pounds in vain on various loupes before meeting Mark Chase who provided the solution straight away. The light and loupes are first class and were carefully customised for my slightly strange operating position. The helpful service has been consistently outstanding. I am very happy to recommend the loupes, light and the follow up customer care.”

Martin Kelleher – Consultant in Restorative Dentistry

“Mark has a personal and personable approach to providing his clients with the equipment they need in a prompt and professional fashion, making his company, Lemonchase, my recommendation for any dental or medical professional seeking magnification solutions for their everyday practice.”

Cathy Robinson – Private Dental Surgeon, Armagh

“The Liverpool Dental Hospital has 15 microscopes supplied by Lemonchase, 10 in the postgraduate centre and 5 on the Endodontic clinic. Lemonchase provided us with a value for money product that proved to be robust and easy to maintain. They are very simple to use and both postgraduate and undergraduate students routinely use them. Lemonchase have provided very good support and very quick response. They have also continued to support training and courses.”

Dr Fadi D Jarad BDS, PhD, MFDS RCS(Eng) MRD (Ed) Endodontics, FHEA

Clinical Lecturer / Honorary SpR in Restorative Dentistry Department and School of Dental Studies, Liverpool

University Dental Hospital

“Loupes delivered today… I am already in love with them!

Dr Paul Ward BDS FDS MSc MOrth RCS Eng

“My new Lemonchase loupes are very good and I am certainly enjoying the freedom they give me to operate when I wear them.”

Joy Edlin

“You kindly sold me a pair of Loupes in November which are fantastic and I have recommended them to my colleagues!

Emily Gosse, Ophthalmology Registrar, Royal Bournemouth Hospital